Stainless is building the future of APIs: type-driven, robust, and polished.

Our mission is to bring the best of GraphQL and gRPC to the simplicity and ubiquity of REST.

Our business model is to offer a suite of developer platform products to enable every company to offer the kind of DX Stripe does around their API.

Our first product is API client libraries as a service – you send us your OpenAPI spec, we let your customers npm install your-company (or equivalent, in several languages).

Founded by the creator of Stripe's API client library codegen system, Stainless is backed by Sequoia, around 1 year old, under 5 people, and has had real revenue from day 1.

Position overview

Founding engineers are a special breed – they build the core systems that form the foundation of a company for years, both scrappily getting things done wherever help is needed and thinking deeply on foundational architecture.

Joining as a Founding Engineer, you’ll have a focus area, but we’ll all be pitching in on every aspect of the company and acting with a high degree of ownership in a collegial, humble atmosphere.

Principal responsibilities

In the next 6 months, you will: